Promoting Financial Inclusion:

Tele-Bere is actively promoting financial inclusion through functional Village Savings and Loans (VSL) Schemes. To date Tele-Bere has successfully mobilised over 150 VSL groups in the Bolgatanga-East District of the Upper East Region of Ghana with a total membership of over 5000 (majority of whom are women and youth); Tele-Bere’s current VSL Scheme is being used as a building block to achieve the following:

  • Formalising the VSL Scheme through the introduction of ICT as means to attracting more formal financial and business development services
  • Facilitating collective investment in product aggregation schemes for members
  • Developing commercially viable and bankable business plans for a ‘basket of products’ and facilitating collective businesses around forest and farm related products using tools such Market Analysis and Development (MA&D), Forest Incubation and Risk Assessment Business and Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) Approaches

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