About US

We are working towards promoting a healthy environment and healthy life for all

Tele-Bere (a Gurune word which translates- Investing in Our Future) is a member- based Forest and Farm Producer Organisation (FFPO) whose members are actively involved in Village Savings and Loans (VSL) as a major driver of financial inclusion for our membership of which over 85% are women and youth.

Tele-Bere works towards improving the livelihoods of forest and farm producers by strengthening and building the capacity of forest and farm producers to effectively organise around products, markets and effective policy engagement.


Mission: Building ecologically stable and economically viable communities towards improved livelihoods

VisionSustainable Futures for All

Tele-Bere key Objectives:

  • Develop Programmes that promote the production and marketing of sustainable forest and farm products integrating men, women and youth into productive activities towards the generation of economic, social and environmental benefits
  • Provide appropriate capacity development for members towards increased income and employment from non-timber forest and other agricultural products
  • Facilitate village-based Savings and Loans (VSL) schemes for our members; this is expected to improve members savings culture as well as mobilise resources locally to finance productive forest and farm activities
  • Build a strong alliance to undertake advocacy aimed at addressing issues relating to access to priority social and cultural services for